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Redi-Mix Concrete

Our Redi-mix product is for all types of projects. If you are interested in our manufactured batch, you will call us up to talk about where you need it delivered and how much you need. From there, we will schedule a time and date to deliver and pour the concrete. We usually prefer a two days’ notice before the date you need the concrete poured.

Where Can Redi-Mix be Used?

-Retaining Walls
-Parking Lots
-Sport Courts
-And More!

Custom Mix Designs

If you need a custom mix to be designed for your project, we will do it. We work with a lab to design and mix concrete that is specific to your job. Our custom mixes are available for any job and the specialty mix will be made to your specification. For example, we will make specialty light weigh mixes for buildings, columns, floors, houses and more.

TR 2 & TR 3
Available Upon Request

The TR 2 and TR 3 are specialty mixes we get from a lab. These mixes are custom made, and we have a lab inspector come to the site when it is poured so that they can check the concrete mix. Our inspector will ensure the mixture is correct and perform certification to show that the concrete will help make the building strong.
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